Please let me have a cell phone. Don’t listen to other kids who don’t want a cell phone. I know that you’ll probably say no to this question so I wrote some reasons why you should let me have a cell phone. I’ll be responsible.

Reason number one is for calling people not all the time but if I need to talk to them. I could call our family, my friends, and so I don’t have to nag you to drive me to another place like my friends house. This would probably save you some money on gas for the car. I might want to go to grandma’s house. Anyway if that didn’t change your mind then I have three more reasons.

The second reason is for emergencies ONLY! Wonder if I fall down some stairs or if my under wear catches on fire. You get the point. I might be lost. Wonder if robbers who rob our house only took a plunger and left his pants. Who would I call if our home phone was not working? First I would be freaked out but I would try to call the police but the phones out.

Should we go onto the third question then I presume. This is just some reasons that I would have a cell phone. For one I might want to text you I love you. I would pay for it. You could talk to me when you need to. I could tell you where I am. If I’m going to Devin’s house.

Thank you for reading this paper. I hope you will change your mind so can text I mean talk to my friends. Remember there is a chance that I might die! Do you care about saving money -or -your childs safety. Thank you and have a nice day.