Don’t Take My Phone Away, Please!!!!

I just got home and Nathan told me that you want to take our phones away. Why?!? You can take Nathan’s phone but why mine? I paid for my phone I buy my own minutes.

You know what? If I have an emergency and I can’t call anyone. What happens if I'm at home and I can’t call you or the police? Think of this, I get injured in the woods and I can’t call anyone and I sit alone very cold. Then you’re at home freaking out because you don’t know where I am. You know Nathan will probably attack me and I can’t call you.

I always want to keep in touch with my family like you when I’m at dads and if I don’t have a cell phone I can’t text you. Remember that one time they were having practice at Nike instead of Edgerton and I got a ride with Brody, see a cell phone would have really come in handy there so I could call you and tell you where I am. When Nathan gets a car he can call me and tell me that he’s going to pick me up from school.

What should I do if I want to talk to you but you’re busy and I can’t call you, that’s where texting comes to good use. What will I do if dad won't let me call my friends on the home phone, if I have a phone then I can text them. The best reason to have a phone is I can text you and say I love you.

I hope you understand why I need my phone. There are so many things I do with my phone. Like calling you when Nathan attacks me, or if I’m lost I can call you. The best reason to have a phone is that I can call you and say I love you.