fkdlscnmxnDon’t give in to the cellular devices!

Don’t listen to your kids! When they bring up the topic of cell phones, put your hands over you ears, yell gibberish, and run out of the room. Except when you’re driving. Then just tune your child out like you usually do. There are reasons for telling you this.

First of all, talking on a cell is one of the main causes of brain cancer. You do love your child, right?! Well it’s about time to save their lives! constant talk then eventually death! Think of the hospital bills. Let’s say they tell you “well I’ll only text.” Let me tell about that!

Texting is so totally lame! They don’t even use real words! Here’s the paragraph text short hand talk.

There will be the paragraph here shortly in text short hand.

Annoying, huh? Soon that’s how your child will soon be talking every day!
If you didn’t understand that, here’s what I was saying:
With a tiny screen and all the little buttons to push, they will loose their eyesight. It will cost so much to buy glasses! They will spend family vacations ignoring you and talking with their friends! If you did happen to get them a texting plan, overage charges are pricy and unlimited plans aren’t worth it. Ha! There really is no reason to get a cell phone for children under the age of 13 or 14.

Your money and time is spent better elsewhere! You could have bowling nights every week instead of having a cell phone. Bond with your kids while they are young and not busy. Home phones work way better and don’t lose service on hills or under bridges. You will save hundreds of dollars every year!

So remember, whatever you do, don’t get your young child a cellular device. Bond with your child and don’t give in! save you self a ton of money. I know you can do it. This message has been brought to you buy the courtesy of home phones and Cooper.