The Bad Side of Cell Phones
By: Angel
Does your kid never pay attention to you? Ignore you? Do you feel guilty because of it? It may not be your fault! It could be their cell phone!
Cell phones are considered fun and a cool way to communicate, but they have many problems. They are very expensive, kids can get addicted to their cell phone, and most families have home phones anyway. If you don’t have a home phone, and the reason why you don’t is because it is too expensive, why would you buy your kid a cell phone?
Do you remember your favorite present? I do. When I got my Nintendo DS, I couldn’t stop playing it. I was addicted! Don’t let this happen to your child! You don’t want your kid to become a cell phone zombie, doing nothing but texting and playing games, do you? Instead of them being on their cell phone, wouldn’t you rather have them spending quality time with you? The number one way to prevent your kid from being a cell phone zombie: take away or don’t give them a cell phone!
Cell phones waste money. With all the new things on cell phones, it’s not about communication anymore. Cell phones have games, cameras, unlimited text, internet, e-mail, etc. It may be convenient, but if you think about it, it really costs more in the long run. Most computers have e-mail, games, and internet, so why do they need a cell phone? Some kids may use the “texting makes me a better speller” pitch, so don’t fall for it. Do you think that they really care if they are better spellers? Even so, there is such thing as a dictionary right?
If you really do want your kid to contact you, there is always the home phone. It’s less expensive and doesn’t have all the extra features that kids don’t need. Home phones are something everyone can use, and aren’t meant for just one person. If there is a fire, or accident, the home phone is always there. Most kids don’t get addicted to the home phone, because it doesn’t have all the extra features. This means that your kid will start spending more quality time with you!
So I hope you take these reasons to heart, and consider everything I’ve said before buying a cell phone. Cell phones waste time, money, and energy. If your kid has a cell phone, and you get rid of it, you will be able to have them spend more time with you and you will be much happier! I know I am!