Reasons for Pleases
Paul Marquez, I am writing for my perspective of why I should have a cell phone. One reason I need a cell phone is, I mean what if?

You were hurt and I had no phone to call 911? What if there was a fire? What if there was a robber when I was home alone?!
OR most of all what if you fell down the stairs and were knocked out and a robber came in and robbed us and put the house on fire! That is my best reason for me to have a cell phone. But listen to some other reasons why I should have a cell phone.

What if there was an emergency?! Like what if some random person runs up and throw a chair at me? And I can’t get up I would need to call you. Or what if there was a building on fire and I went in to go save a baby stuck in the building and I fall and I need to call you and tell you my last remorse. Or if I was stuck in a bank and a robber comes in and I’m under a table hiding and I need to call 911?! And what if you have a heart attack and I don’t know CPR and I need to call 911 to tell them your hurt. I mean I do love you.

What if I need to call you? Like to ask to go to a friends house, I mean it's only responsible! Also Dad you live in Oregon and I get to call you all the time! What if I feel really good about my life and I just want to call you and tell you that I love you.

Another good reason that I need a cell phone is because what if you’re in a meeting and you can only text? Then I should have text messages! What if I lose my voice and I can’t call you then I have to text you. Also what if I use all my minutes then I have to text my friends to tell them things.

Now do you see my needs for a cell phone?! Now I hope I really do, that you see the reasons for a cell phone like safety emergencies. To call you, and to text. Well we can reason later just think about it ok? Well that is why I need a cell phone.