Don't take my cell phone away!

I think having a phone is great for 3 main reasons. Reason number one is to communicate. Reason number two is for emergencies. Reason number three is to text. There are many reasons phones are awesome but those reasons are the best. They come in handy when you need to call someone.

Cell Phones are good when you need to communicate. Say you forgot your lunch one the counter at home and you don’t realize it until you are on the bus, what do you do? I know you can use your cell phone to call mom or dad and tell them so you can have your lunch. Also pretend you were sick and an assignment is assigned and you don’t know it. Well you can call your friend and ask him/her. Cell phones are great for keeping in touch with your old friends.

What do you do if you are on the bus and it breaks down? Call your mom of course. What about at the game and the teacher says “The second game is canceled and your parent doesn’t know it. What do you do? I know call your parent and tell them. What if you are at the pool and you are ready to go home. What do you do? Call your parent. Cell phones are great if you have an emergency.

Now to the final topic….. texting. Your probably saying all my child does is text. Texting can be a good thing. It doesn’t interrupt your calls and it can make you a better speller. Also what if you are somewhere and want to leave and you don’t want everyone to know. Text someone to pick you up. Texting is good for many reasons.

I hope I changed your mind around but if I didn’t keep thinking about it. Cell phones are a nuisance sometimes but they are good in many, many ways. I admit cell phones take over some kid’s lives but they are good when you need it. Thank you for your time.