Save The Cell Phones
In these days time is rough but that doesn’t mean you can get rid of your kids cell phones. This paper will tell you three reasons why you shouldn’t get rid of there cell phones.

Do you not want me to call when you’re at work in a boring meeting wont you be glad I called you. What if I don’t know who is picking me up after school? Say one day I want to stay to watch a game after school, would you want me to call you so you don’t have to wait out side for me all day! Don’t you want me to talk to my family that live miles and miles away?

Say one day a bad guy breaks in and I have to call 911. I COULDN’T because if you didn’t let me keep my cell phone I wouldn’t be able to because i`m hiding from the bad guy. BUT if you let me keep my cell phone I could hide and call the police at the same time. What if we are driving home one late night and deer darts across the road, we crash and the driver gets injured really badly. What to do, what to do wait I can call the ambulance sense I have a cell phone. Or i`m sick one day and i`m home alone, Oh no the house is on fire. I can’t call the fire apartment if I don’t have a cell phone, I could if I have a cell phone.

Now its time for the biggest subject of all texting. I come home one day after school and I need to talk to my friends, don’t you want your kids to be happy. Say one day i`m at home and your at work, and you want to talk to me well I cant if cant text. One day I get really sick and loses my voice and you want to check on me at work, well you can`t if I don’t have a phone.

Well parents that’s my top three reasons why I should be able to keep my cell phone. If you love your kids you will let them keep there phone, your kids will love you for ever if you let them keep there cell phones. So I hope you have learned why kids my age should be able to keep their cell phones.