You're taking away my precious cell phone

I know what your thinking dad “Tiffani is to young for a cell phone we should take it away” but here are some good reasons for me to keep my cell phone.

A cell phone is a tool to communicate so I can talk to my friends by not taking the house phone. Since I ride the bus home and you aren’t home when I get there and what if I get locked out and the power went out so I can’t open the garage, oh gee I wonder if I had my phone, I would be able to call my mom and tell her that I am out side and the power has gone out oh well.

Also emergency’s can appear out of no where like say a fire what if I was home alone and I see a fire next door I could be nice enough to call the fire department that would be heroic don’t you think. Also imagine you are at a party at the beach and the life guard is on lunch brake and a friend gets stung by a jellyfish if I had my cell phone I could call the ambulance. Also what if some one brakes into our house and I’m hiding and can’t call any one because I don’t have a phone with me, oh gee if only I had my phone.

Also a Gps is helpful when the gps goes dead in the car on the way to Branson. Also I could find my way home when I’m lost. Also to find public places that are new and that I don’t know where they are.

Now I hope I changed your mind but it’s alright I understand. P.S. Please let me keep my cell phone.