I need a cell phoneBy: Sabrina
I should have a cell phone because I need a way to call you guys in case there is an emergency or I need to call you an ask you a question. Some reasons are emergencies, to communicate, and to text.

One reason that I need a cell phone is in case of an emergency. One what if I am home alone and someone comes in and then I have no way to call 911 or you. Two what if the dogs die or give birth to puppies I have no way to tell you. Three what if there was a fire and I was out side crying you would never know if I can’t call you.

Another reason is to communicate. One what if I need to call my friend and ask them what our homework was. Also what if I don’t know what to make the boys for dinner I have no way to call you and ask you. You might want me to clean the house but I won’t know that because I don’t have a cell phone.

Also a reason is to text people. First texting people can help me with my spelling and it will help with that scholarship you want me to have. Also if I need to text you to ask if I can call you. Plus what if you’re in a meeting and I need to ask if my friends can come over I don’t want to call you.

I really need a cell phone. We don’t have a house phone and I have no way to call my friends. I can’t wait till I am sixteen to get a phone. I really need a cell phone. I promise to keep being really good if you get me a phone. Plus I love you a lot and I am the best daughter you could have.