Parents! Do you have a child or children that want or have a cell phone your kids don’t need a cell phone.
It’s just away of throwing away more money out the window plus it causes brain cancer you know the waves go into your head and don’t come out O.K. you get the idea well your wasting more money than you need to and even if their paying for it. Alright lets say you need some extra cash you need it right well why don’t you borrow some from your child ooooop’s he’s wasting it on a cell phone and they cold get addicted to it or be like supper glued to it and all that texting that’s lame go over and talk to friends don’t waste extra money and throw it out the window.
All that texting and your on a vacation and all their doing is texting to waste extra money and no time spending with you or the rest of the family tell them to use E-mail and use the computer for five minutes.
Playing all those games play freeze tag outside or go to the park. Don’t play those lame old games so make them get fresh air outside and say no to cell phones!