Why Cell Phones are Important

Your kid or kids need a cell phone because it is a good tool to have, read the rest of this paper and maybe you will let your kids have cell phones.

My first reason is communication. Lets say your kids or kid got out of a practice early like sports, chess or something like that. What are they going to use? Their friend’s moms hate when other people use there cell phones, and they are to busy to take someone home, and the coach is talking on his/her cell phone. So what is your kid going to do? Well if he had a cell phone he could call you and let you know that his practice got out early or if your kid didn’t have a cell phone they would have to stand there and wait for you to get there. That could take a really long time.

My second reason is to text. It improves your kids spelling, it also improves there typing! Another reason to text is what if your child gets stolen and the person would know if you called because he would hear it. Your child could text!

My last reason to let your child have a cell phone is for emergencies. If your child gets a broken leg out side at a park or if there home alone and they can’t move? If they had a cell phone they could call you without moving their leg! Another reason for emergencies is if they were home alone and someone broke in the house and they couldn’t get to a phone but they had there cell phone in their pocket that could save their lives! What if there was a fire and they were home alone and the phone was where the fire started? What would they do? The house would burn down and the neighbors weren’t home they couldn’t do anything unless they had a cell phone.

These are three very good reasons to get your child a cell phone. They come in handy a lot. So go out today and get your child a cell phone! They would really like it. so go out and make your child happy today!