My Cell Phone is a Keeper
By: Morgan
Cell phones are very helpful tools. They let someone know when I am in an emergency. I can also call or text someone to let them know something important.

If I am hurt and no one is around to help me, I can call my parents or someone I can get a hold of to let them know that I am hurt. If I’m home alone and a total stranger busts in and starts snooping around. Also, if the bus crashes and the bus driver is knocked out.

You need your cell phone to ask questions when you need to know something. What if you don’t have a cell phone and you need to let someone know something important? You also need a cell phone to communicate with family if you haven’t seen them in a while.

Another reason why you need your cell phone is to text. You may think texting is just a waste of time. But it really isn’t! Believe it or not, but it helps you with your writing skills. You can let friends know something if your friends can’t call other people. It also doesn’t waste your minutes like calling people does.

So all these reasons and what ifs are just trying to let you know that cell phones are better than you think they are. They can save my life and your guiltiness.