21 Cell Rough Draft

Let Me Keep It!
I know having a cell phone for me is expensive, but I haves some reasons for you to let me keep my cell phone.
The first reasons are for communication. If I keep my phone, I can talk with you over the phone if I’m walking home from a friend’s house at night. I can also call and ask what is for dinner, or when you can pick me up from school.
I can also use it for emergencies, like if we were riding home in the bus (which I’m not going to) and it spins out into a ditch, I can call you, or if I get kidnapped I can call you or the police.
Also, I can go green by instead of writing an essay on paper, I can text my paper and send it to Mr. Ferrell and he can send my grade back. It also improves my spelling and grammar skills.
Well, mom and dad, you’ve seen the reasons why I need a cell phone. Well, so, do I keep my phone or not?! You’re choice. No pressure….please can I keep my phone!? Please!?