No! Let me keep it!

Please! Let me keep my cell phone. Why? So that I can call when I am in trouble or need to communicate with someone so if you care about my safety let me keep it. If you are not persuaded yet then listen to the rest of the reasons I have to keep my cell phone.

Number one reason I should keep my cell phone. Communicate! When I am gone at a party or with friends I might need to call you. Also I will never have to hog the home phone again or your cell phone. Also I could call family members from far away. When I am at a party by myself then I wouldn’t have to use yours when I need to call to be picked up or there is an emergency.

Second, reason I should keep my cell phone. E-m-e-r-g-e-n-c-y! What if the bus broke down and needed to know if you could pick me up or I was going to be late because I had to wait for another bus to pick me up. Also, if I was home alone and someone broke in I would need to call 911. Or what if I was lost and needed some help trying to get home.

Third, I can text. I wouldn’t be wasting paper which is saving us money and saving the environment. Plus I could type a letter were ever I am and if I lost my voice I would still be able to talk by texting. Also it is way faster and more fun than typing on a computer and writing a letter with stationary and I could do it way faster and without having to wait a while for an email or a letter back I could get a message back in just a few minutes.

Now are you persuaded to let me keep my cell phone? Please let me keep it if you care about my safety and want me to communicate with you.