Parents vs. 6th graders know that you’re going to say no but… can I have a cell phone? Please? I need one for tons of reasons that are so long that don’t want to say that list at all. You’re thinking $50 dollars for that piece of plastic when I was a boy… and the story will keep going on and on. Any way here we go.
Communications. One I could call dad at Pittsburgh for no cost at all. Two at games I could call you and say “The games over you need to pick me up”. And three when im with friends at there house I would call you and say “what’s for dinner”

Emergencies. What if the bus breaks down I’d call you and say to come pick me up… please? Two what if someone breaks in and there’s no cell phone at the house. How would I contact you huh? And three what if I got kidnapped I’d have to call you to tell you I’m okay. That’s all for emergencies.

Texting I can talk with friends without losing my voice. And it’s quicker too. Two doesn’t run up a huge bill…Sometimes. I could possibly pay by my self. It could also improve my spelling skills. Awesome right!

So please can I have a phone I just listed tons of reasons I won’t run up a huge bill please can I have a cell phone? Please, please, please!