The Argument to Keep My Cell Phone
What? You’re taking away my cell phone! You can’t and I’ll tell you why. I have friends to talk to and family to call. And I have a lot more reasons why you should not take away my cell phone.

I need to communicate with my friends and family. Like I want to talk to people I don’t see. Or when I get home from school and I need to call you. Or if I get lost you could call me. I could call my friends and we could do homework. See there are reasons why I need my cell phone and I have more. A lot more.

What happens if there is an emergency like someone breaks in and I can’t reach the home phone. I could always use my cell phone. Or if there is a fire and I can only grab my cell phone. I know I am already changing your mind. Or I’m on the bus and my bus driver gets knocked out then what would I do. I could just grab my cell phone.

Did you know that texting improves your spelling? Or I could text family and not waste minutes. And I could text friends about homework and school work. I could always text you and tell you how much I love you. And it would keep me occupied so you don’t have to hear me talk. I bet I have changed you minds.

Now you see I need my cell phone to do all of those things. And there are more reasons why I need to keep my cell phone I just can’t think of them right now. So please, please, please let me keep my cell phone. Think a lot about what I just said.