Cell phone almost expelled
Cell phones are needed in the world especially for me. In 6th grade you have to have cell phone or people will be all like “You don’t have a cell phone!” and that is annoying. So that is why I need a cell phone. Let me tell you something about cell phones. They are good sources. I have to keep my cell phone and here are some reasons why.
I would need my cell phone if I got lost and I couldn’t find you. So then I would call or text you and you would come and find me or I would come and find you. Shh! someone broke into my house and If I get the phone he/she will hear me. Oh! I have a cell phone now I can call the police and then call my parents. Yes! I’m finally off the bus. The bus was so loud. Hey at least it will be quiet when I get home because I’m home alone today. Hey walking backwards is fun. Mmmmm. That guy in his car is scaring me he’s been following me for the past 5 minutes driving very slowly. I think I better run now. Oh no now he’s going faster. Ah. And I have tape over my mouth and he shoved me in his/her car really fast. He kidnapped me. Hey I have my cell phone. I can text and he/she wont know because he/she is to busy driving. Me: Mom save me I got kidnapped on the way walking home from the bus stop! Mom: Ok call the police. Me: I can’t I have tape over my mouth and if I talk he/she will hear me. Mom: Right I will can the police. Where are you? Me: In the parking lot of Gardner National Bank. Mom: Ok. See that is why I would need a cell phone for emergencies.
Now I have to call my mom to tell her it is time to pick me up from the game. Oh! I got to say bye before I leave but I can’t find her. I can text her because she has her phone. Me: Bye. Friend: Bye. Hey I haven’t talked to my uncle for a while. Me: Hi Uncle Gary. How are? Uncle Gary: Good. How are you? Me: Good. That is a good way to communicate to friends and family by your cell phone.
Mom: Don’t call anyone. Me: Ok. Me: Hey what’s up Becca? Becca: Good. Why don’t you call me? Me: I can’t my mom said I have to text so I’m not loud while she is taking her nap. Becca: Oh. See that is a good way for texting.

Now do you see why I have to keep my cell phone? It is a wonderful thing isn’t it? Now that you see all the good reasons that I gave you about cell phones. Please let me keep my cell phone.