I’ll die if you take my phone away
I am writing this paper because I really want to keep my cell phone. I am the best child you could ever get and I will do anything to have my cell phone. I will take out the trash, do the dishes, laundry. Anything! Ok so let’s cut to the chase and I will always love you except if you take my phone away.

What if the house was burning down and ahhhh, I am stuck upstairs. Oh wait I have a cell phone I’ll pull it out of my pocket and call 911. Guess what if you take my phone away I can’t do that. Or what if a robber came in while I was at a friend’s house and I got home and nothing was there. Jewelry, gift cards, or food. What would I do if I don’t have a phone? We don’t have a house phone so I need my cell phone. Wait I thought of one what if my bus got in a wreck and all the kids and the bus driver was knocked out and I didn’t have a phone. What do I do? So there you have the Emergences that could happen in which I need a phone.

Another reason why I need a phone is to text. Since I have a limited amount of minutes I could text you instead. But if I don’t have I phone I can’t do that. What if you dropped me off at soccer practice and it was cancelled and I would have no way to text you if……… da dada da you guessed if I don’t have a phone. What if I don’t like to talk on the phone or if I can’t talk because someone kidnapped me. I would need to text you so they don’t hear me. That’s why I need a phone.

Well the last reason is kind of like the first, Communication. Also communication counts as if I were in emergency situations. What if something happened to you and I didn’t have a phone to call family. Or I know this one sounds bad but what if I was home alone and had nothing to do. If I get to keep my cell phone I can call my friends to make plans with them. So there are my last reasons. I hope you understand.

Come on give a kid a break if we go over on our minutes. It’s just what kids do sometimes. So I hope you don’t take my phone away, Oh dad if you do take my phone away I can’t call you in the morning or in the afternoon. I will always love you