Don’t Do It
If you think taking away our cell phones is a “good idea,” think again. I need it as much as anyone. Don’t even think that the “We’re adults we need cell phones” speech is going to work on us this time. I need a phone as much as you guys. If you think you’re right listen up because…

Don’t you want us to call you if we are home alone? And if we used the home phone, it would just run up the phone bill. If we kept our phones, then we would be able to keep in touch with our relatives including you guys. And if I keep my phone, I’ll even call you and tell you I love you. Now wouldn’t that be nice, having your child (ren) call you and tell you that they love you.

The number one reason families give their children phones is for emergencies. Say someone breaks into the house and the home phone is in the living room (I’m in my room) I’ll need a cell phone to call the police. Or maybe the house catches on fire while you guys are out. There’s another situation where I’ll need a phone to call the fire department. What if I get lost in the Oak Park Mall? I’ll need a cell phone to contact you guys.

Texting causes blindness. No it doesn’t, kids who are addicted to texting causes blindness. Tests have shown that kids who text do better on spelling tests than kids who don’t text. Kids who text, improve on their spelling and it lessens their grammar mistakes. Texting also improves kids’ writing skills. It’s also eco-friendly by saving paper unlike some people who write letters.

Thanks for listening and remember, if you say no phone for you then that’ll leave you without a clue.