Save the Cells

The other day I heard that you where planning to take away my cell phone, this paper will give you a few reasons why my cell phone is a good thing.

The first reason is for communication. Let's say my practice gets canceled. How will I get a hold of you to tell you? I could be waiting at the football field for two whole hours. What if I want to go to a game after school, how will I contact you? Also I just need to talk to my friends.

I might need it for emergencies like if the bus driver gets knocked out. Someone will have to call 911. Or a bad guy breaks into are house. Or there is a fire. These were just a few emergencies that I would need a cell phone for.

The last reason is for texting, texting is good because it helps me with my spelling. It is also another way of communication and it is not as loud as talking. And I can communicate with my friends with out wasting my minuets.

These are a few reasons why I should keep my cell phone. So please let me keep my phone.