A Boy and His Beloved Dog


Like when it is going dark and they have to look for a cow. When they find an awsome adventure.
If you like to read books than you will love this book, A Dog Called Kitty. This book is about a boy and how he moves to the country and meets a scraggly dog. All through the book he said that “I am going to run you off tomorrow.” Both the boy and Kitty have some fun adventures like riding Beauty together and some were scary.

the cow it has a new born baby with her. Kitty senses something is wrong and goes to save the calf and cow. By the time Kitty is done with the fight, Kitty is lying down and not moving. Is Kitty Dead or is he not?
The characters are so funny in the book. They have such a great word choice in the passage. The boy described his story so well. He also tells the book well too. His mom was very nice in the story and his dad was stern with him sometimes and nice with him most of the story. His little brother is the funniest thing in the world.
There are a lot of settings in the book. I will list the main settings like the barn, the house, the pasture, and the construction site. Those settings are the most excitement happens. Some have bad endings but the others have funny things happen to them.
You should really read this book. It is a really good story and it is fun and adventurous. I loved reading the book. After I started I couldn’t put it down. This story was a thrill. It gave me a new perspective of reading. You should really buy this book and read, read, read it.