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Welcome to Mr. Ferrell's Class Wiki

We will use this online space to collaborate on projects and learn in new and exciting ways.

What's a wiki?
I'm glad you asked. A wiki is an online document, a webpage, that can be edited right inside your web browser. If you would like to view a helpful and entertaining video explaination of a wiki check out Wikis in Plain English created by the Common Craft Show.

What does that mean?
It means that these webpages are shared by everyone in our classroom. It means that each of you have the priviledge and responsibility of making the classroom website. You can edit any of the pages in our website. Just make sure that you don't change someone else's work (other than basic spelling/grammar) without asking them.

I check this page daily and any edits that are made will be e-mailed directly to me. That being said, if you do find something inappropriate on our classroom wiki please email at ferrellj@usd231.com and I will take care of any problems. Thank you!

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